Area IX is comprised of the following Counties in South Central PA:

Adams, Cumberland, Franklin, Perry, & York.

PA Junior Wrestling is a non-profit organization providing youth wrestlers 15 years of age and younger an opportunity to participate in the sport of wrestling. It is our goal to not only provide a developmental program for our youth but to also contribute to the development of the moral, physical, mental, and emotional attitudes of young people as they develop toward adulthood.PJW Area

Area IX offers a progressive series of tournaments. Each wrestler has equal opportunity to progress through structured events, starting with competition in the Area IX District Tournament. The District Tournament will provide competition for each wrestler to earn 1 of the top 2 or 3 spots to advance to the PJW, State Championship events.  PJW has grown to 2 State Championship Tournament Series.  The first is the Junior High Series.  The second is the Youth Series for wrestlers age 12 and under.

Proceeds from these non-profit events are given back to the hosting programs for the purpose of developing their local wrestling programs.

COOPERATION is the Theme

OPERATION is the Tool

DEVELOPMENT of young people is the Goal


Towel Tapper is an official sponsor of PJW and Area IX